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My debut album 'An Open Sky' is out now.

I'm so excited to share this collection of music with you all. 7 tracks of instrumental acoustic guitar which all have a story told without words.

I recorded, produced and mixed this album in 2020 and it took me months to get it to the level I wanted them to be. Some of these tracks have been with me for years so I'm delighted that they've finally made their way onto record to be shared with you now.

This album is one with which to think and reflect, to meditate and take a breath. I hope it accompanies you well with however you choose to listen - I really can't wait to hear what you think.

It's available on Spotify, Apple Music, anywhere else you get your music. Add it to your work/study/chill out playlist and you can do me a favour by following me on Spotify

Much love,


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